Balloon Services

Below are prices and photos for some of our most popular designs

Prices are subject to variation on a case-by-case basis

We cannot serve children under 3 years old

Centerpiece Sculptures

Custom sculptures tailored to your event
Simple $25/Standard $50/Complex $75


Freestanding pillars great for framing doors and tables
$13 a foot

Celebration Poles

Similar to columns but allowing for different styles and placements
Outdoor $60/Indoor $50

Balloon Twisting

Onsite, made-to-order balloon creations
$125 per hour/$250 for 2 twisters (double the fun!)


Elegant designs based around a circular base.
Can also be used as a fun photo frame. (Inquire for pricing on larger frames)
Size dependent, starts at $50

Candy Cups

Small twisted sculptures atop cups filled with…CANDY!
Start at $10/each


Strings of balloon great draping and framing
Simple $2ft/Quads $13ft/Organic $25ft


Attention grabbing free-form bundles
Small $10/Large $20

Custom Printing

Place a personalized message on your balloons
Text $5/One color graphic $10 (Inquire for more detailed work)